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Pregnant Woman holding belly


We realize that the first misalignment occurs during the birthing process, whether C-section or natural birth.

Dr. Erin checks and adjusts mommy’s throughout their pregnancy. Chiropractic care allows a smoother, more relaxed, and healthier environment for the mom and baby during the nine months, and aids in an easier laboring process. Dr. Erin uses a specific technique called the Webster Method to aid in the proper alignment of babies that are in the BREECH position.

Once the baby is born, Dr. Erin uses a gentle, safe technique to check your baby’s spine for trauma endured during labor. (There is a lot of force to newborns heads and necks during labor) When misalignments and disconnection in the nervous system exists in a developing body issues will arise; Colic, asthma, ear infections, ADD/ADHD and Bed Wetting, to name a few. We want your baby to have 100% LIFE expression from day one!


Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

75% of women who sought chiropractic care during pregnancy stated they had relief of pain

25% had shorter labor times during their first pregnancy

31% had shorter labor times for multiple pregnancy’s (multiparous)

92% resolution of breech positioning with Webster’s Technique of Chiropractic was used during pregnancy

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